How Long Has It Been Since You Had Your Heat Pump Serviced?

The Importance Of Heat Pump Servicing

As the days get colder and winter settles in, it is important to make sure your heating system is in top condition. When was the last time you had your heat pump serviced?

If it has been a while, here are FOUR reasons why you should consider investing in a maintenance service.

1. First, it will help your heating system last longer. Regular maintenance can extend the life of any motor, including your heat pump.

2. Second, it can save you energy. When your heating system is not in optimal condition, it has to work harder, consuming more energy.

3. Third, it is more hygienic. Regular heat pump servicing helps the filters keep doing their job of removing bacteria and odours from the air in your home. During the cold and flu season, this is exactly what you need!

4. Lastly, it will help you stay cosy. If your heat pump is not working at peak levels, reaching and maintaining desired temperatures can be a challenge. Trust a professional to service your heat pump, and enjoy a warm and reliable winter season.

Heat Pump Service Auckland - Ready To Book Yours?

As winter approaches, make sure your heat pump is working properly. Don’t wait for it to break down. The last thing you want on a chilly day is no heating!

Book a service now to avoid problems and extend the life of your heat pump. It can also make them more energy efficient and hygienic. A heat pump service starts from just $205.55 plus GST.



How much does a heat pump service cost?

From $205.55 plus GST

How often should I get my heat pump serviced?

Every 1-2 years is recommended

Can I service it myself? Why do I need a professional service? What will they do that I can’t?

You can clean the filters yourself, but a professional service is still recommended to clean the coils and to check pressures and make sure no refrigerant has been lost.